I offer a variety of editing services, including fiction (novel, novella, short story) and non-fiction, as well as technical writing (blog posts, websites, etc.) and professional writing (resumés, CVs, cover letters, etc.). I also offer English translational editing, which is for non-native English speakers who intend to publish their writing (fiction, non-fiction, technical or professional writing) in the English language. All edits are based off of American English.

There are many types of editing, and if you're not sure which type you want, please contact me with your thoughts and questions. My job is to make your writing the best it can be. All edits are done through Track Changes and will be conducted through email.

Content editing - Content, or developmental, editing looks at the skeleton of your writing. I will do an in-depth read through and provide suggestions on plot, characters, dialogue, and flow. I will make suggestions on areas that could benefit from changes that would make your writing more enjoyable for the reader. This service is best for fiction writers still developing their story.

Line-by-line editing - Line-by-line editing covers both structure and grammar. This is the most intense editing and time-consuming service that I provide. This type of editing comes after content editing, and should be done once the plot is perfected. This service is best for fiction and non-fiction writers in the final stages of their writing, as well technical and professional writing. 

Proofreading - Proofreading is for the final stage of your writing, and thus, I will only look at grammar (spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure). However, if I notice a sentence or two that needs more work than a simple proofread, I will edit as such. If there is more than that, I will contact you in order to reassess the editing service that you need. This service is best for all types of writing, and proofreading should be the final step in the writing process.

English translation editing - Editing for English translation is most similar to line-by-line editing. I will read your writing very closely, making sure every sentence uses correct grammar and will appeal to an English speaking audience. This service is best for non-native English speakers in all types of writing.