All my services are project-based and in U.S. dollars. Editing consultation begins with a sample, usually two chapters for novels, the first few pages of a short story or novella, and one or two paragraphs for technical or professional writing. Non-fiction samples are the same as fiction samples. After reading the sample, I will respond with first impressions, structure and plot analysis (for fiction), and suggest a type of editing. I will also provide a quote at this time. In general, content editing ranges from $300-$800, line-by-line editing ranges from $300-$1,000, and proofreading ranges from $50-$300. Proofreading prices are determined by page count. English translation editing is fully project based, with prices starting at $50 for technical or professional writing, and $300 for fiction and non-fiction. 

Included with content and line-by-line editing is a second read through; I will respond to your comments on my previous edits. If your comment is a simple fix (such as, should this name be capitalized?) I will make the fix in the text. In general, however, this edit is simply a way to get insight and understand my edits.

If you have received a content or line-by-line edit, a proofreading edit will be reduced price. If you employ my services for all three, there will be an even higher price reduction. 

You will be given a firm quote before engaging in my services. All of my edits, excluding proofreading, require one-fourth up front. For proofreading, $50 must be paid up front. The remainder of the fee must be paid in full at the completion of the edit. If you require more than one edit (line-by-line and proofreading, for example) payment must be paid after each service, though the second edit does not require an upfront payment.  

Payments are either through PayPal or Venmo, and I will provide invoices for all of my services.